Presenting PDFs has never been that easy

SlidePilot is a powerful macOS tool for presenting PDF slides with support for LaTeX Beamer.

Version 1.8.0, requires macOS 10.11+

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Flexible layout options

In order to always have the right information at hand, SlidePilot offers three different display components: Current slide, Next slide and Notes.

These components can be combined as desired in the presenter window so that you always see exactly the information you need for your presentation.

Notes for every PDF

Use the Beamer class notes slides or add your own notes in rtf format.

For notes, SlidePilot supports the note function of the LaTeX Beamer class on the one hand, and on the other hand you can easily add notes in rtf format to any PDF with the built-in text editor.

Show what is important

Broadcast the cursor from the presenter window to the presentation screen.

This way you can involve your audience even better in the presentation. With different pointer options for different situations.

Draw on slides in no time

Draw on the current slide, with different colors.

With the canvas function you can also draw on a white background.

Never lose sight of time

Stopwatch, Timer, Clock: everything you need for perfect timing.

SlidePilot offers various options to keep track of the time. In addition to the current time, you can either use a stopwatch or a timer to measure your presentation time.

Even more features ...

More information about the features, how to use them and all other features can be found in the documentation.


The perfect companion for SlidePilot.

Remote control presentations with your phone.

Remote control for SlidePilot

With the iOS app SlidePilot Remote you have the possibility to remotely control presentations that you are holding on your Mac with SlidePilot via your iPhone.

You can choose between a wide variety of layout options in order to only display the information that is really important at the moment.

SlidePilot was developed for a great presenter experience of LaTeX generated presentations PDFs on macOS, especially for the Beamer class. But SlidePilot works with other PDF presentations as well.
Beamer is a document class for the LaTeX typesetting system. You don't need to create your PDFs with LaTeX Beamer, SlidePilot works just as good with normal PDFs. But SlidePilot supports additional features from LaTeX Beamer (such as notes).
Yes, SlidePilot was explicitly developed for macOS using Swift as the primary language.
SlidePilot requires macOS 10.11+.
Nothing, the SlidePilot application is available for free. We think that SlidePilot is a fundamental tool and thus should be available for everyone.
If you like SlidePilot we would be happy if you donate a small amount to cover the operating expenses (Hosting, Apple Developer Program) and to support development of future features. Click here to donate.
After you've downloaded SlidePilot, the app should be unzipped in your Downloads folder. Move the app to the Applications folder (otherwise updates won't work!). That's it, enjoy using SlidePilot!

Ready to take off SlidePilot?

Try it out now. And if you like it, we are more than grateful for donations and feedback!

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