Presentation Tool
for PDF Slides and more

SlidePilot is a powerful macOS tool for presenting PDF slides with support for LaTex Beamer.

Version 1.5.0
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Powerful Features

Features that let you focus on your content
and not on the software.

Always keep track of the time during your presentation using a clock for the current time plus a stopwatch or timer.
Easily view the notes you've created with LaTex Beamer or the notes editor on the presenter display.
Broadcast your cursor position to the presentation screen to highlight specific parts of your slide.
Slide Overview
Always keep track of where you are by viewing the current and next slide or browse through your presentation.
Quickly cover the presentation screen to safely browse your slides or to pause the presentation.
Emphasize content on your slide by drawing on it with multiple colors or get creative on a blank canvas.


What is SlidePilot?
SlidePilot was developed for a great presenter experience of LaTex generated presentations PDFs on macOS, especially for the Beamer class. But SlidePilot works with other PDF presentations as well.
What is LaTex Beamer?
Beamer is a document class for the LaTex typesetting system. You don't need to create your PDFs with LaTex Beamer, SlidePilot works just as good with normal PDFs. But SlidePilot supports additional features from LaTex Beamer (such as notes).
Is SlidePilot a native macOS App?
Yes, SlidePilot was explicitly developed for macOS using Swift as the primary language.
What are the requirements?
SlidePilot requires macOS 10.11+.
How much does SlidePilot cost?
Nothing, the SlidePilot application is available for free. We think that SlidePilot is a fundamental tool and thus should be available for everyone.
How can I support SlidePilot?
If you like SlidePilot we would be happy if you donate a small amount to cover the operating expenses (Hosting, Apple Developer Program) and to support development of future features. Click here to donate.
How do I install SlidePilot?
After you've downloaded SlidePilot, the app should be unzipped in your Downloads folder. Move the app to the Applications folder (otherwise updates won't work!). That's it, enjoy using SlidePilot!


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